Riverview Home

Riverview Farm

"Riverview" provides an opportunity to experience a wide and varied appreciation of life in the country. Here is a property that is multi dimensional. It allows itself to be able to explore and promote many different options.

Firstly the ongoing demands of contemporary farm life create an interesting window into Australian rural life. Here you can experience first hand the reality of farm work. Cattle mustering, fencing, weed eradication, effects of bureaucratic decisions, prices of commodities, and weather issues are all topics that can be discussed whilst sitting on the large shady verandahs.

The Homestead allows others not connected with rural life to observe and participate in the running of a large house and garden. It challenges temporary and fleeting ideas and solutions. It has been continuously in the Clements Family for approximately one hundred years. It reminds us of determination and responsibility and an ongoing tenacity to hold firm. The large gardens are perfect as a venue for many different social events. Groups can attend Open Garden at "Riverview", admire the flowers and gardens that create a special setting and ambience.

Come and stay in Mount Joy Hermitage

"Mount Joy Hermitage" is a delightful addition to "Riverview".  It sits nestled amongst the rolling garden and is a lovely building built on the existing features of the Homestead.  Many features of this building mirror and form a harmonious and sympathetic link and complement to Riverview Homestead and St. Patrick's Church.

Click Here to read more about Mt. Joy Hermitage Accommodation.

St. Patrick's Church, Rothesay at "Riverview" sits peacefully in the gardens. It quietly challenges those to think and be, to gain peace and comfort. It is used regularly as a place of worship by different denominations in the district. Its silent and simple witness shines out with many feeling its effects. Its ambience is of welcome and invite.

Holden Day is another community day. Here the public are invited to become aware of a young boys dream and his subsequent realisation of that dream. They are taken back on a nostalgic trip into time. Here, once again, are the cars of their childhood. It also challenges us to realise that not everything that is produced is replaceable or recyclable. Beauty isn’t always found in new and supposedly better things.


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