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"The New Holden

With such glowing advertising the EH Holden was released in 1963. The Holden story goes back in time from that date however to the very special date of 29th November, 1948. On this date the 1948 Holden 48-215 was released. It consisted of two sedan models being Sedan and Business sedan and utility. The vehicle boasted an engine size of 2.15-litre six-cylinder coupled to a Three-speed manual transmission.

Australians were very proud of their own car. Puffed up with nationalistic pride after the Second World War and hungry to maintain and improve their manufacturing prowess the Holden became the symbol of Aussie pride. Crowds clamoured to view the Holden and Australians developed an addiction to the Holden elixir. Everywhere throughout Australia the Holden became an intrinsic part of Aussie folklore and legend. Australians couldn’t get enough of the Holden and soon waiting lists at the Holden Dealers ensured that if you wanted to sell your Holden you actually could ask more for your second hand Holden than what you had paid for it new.

Every person in Australia was touched by the Holden car in one way or another. Thousands bought Holdens but if you didn’t actually own a Holden it was highly probable that one of your family and friends had, you had seen them in the streets as taxis, working on the farms and in the countryside lanes of Australia, you had heard some-one regaling the benefits of the Holden car, its sheer legendary ability in all sorts of terrain and climatic conditions, someone talking about the beauty and practicality of the Holden. The Holden car had become intrinsically intertwined in the lifestyle of Australians.

The Holden car remained the Number 1 seller throughout Australia during the ensuing years. Australians loved their Holdens and eagerly awaited the release of a newer model. By the late 1950s and 1960s including 1967 the FJ, FE, FC, FB, EK, EJ, EH, HD, HR, Holden range had been released. The model variants now included Sedan and Station sedans, Panel vans and Utilities. Sedans and Station Sedans were released in Special and Standard variants with the luxurious Premier Sedan making its debut in the EJ range in 1962 and the very popular luxurious EH Premier Station Sedan released in 1963. Australians were still clamouring to own a Holden. During the years 1968 to 1971 the HK, HT, HG models were released, touted as the New Generation Holdens. In 1971 the HQ Holden was released with the HJ, HX and HZ models released until 1979. The new model to replace the HZ Holden was the VB Holden Commodore range.

Somewhere back in the 1960s a dream was being born. A young boy named Kevin Smith was ensconced in the Holden legend and was looking at and loving every Holden model that had been released. He had heard many talks about Holdens, which was the best model to own, which looked the best or handled the best. He had entered into schoolyard fights over Holden versus Ford and had eagerly talked about the latest Holden model releases. He was captivated by the EH Holden and had made a promise that his first car was to be an EH Holden station wagon. He had travelled the country roads with his family in various Holden vehicles and loved the look and smell of them all. The dream was being born to own every Holden model just simply because he loved them all.

The Holden literature carefully obtained from the Holden Dealers promoted the benefits and superior handling of the new Holden over the previous models. The often read sales brochure for the EH Holden certainly did mention about being styled for today and tomorrow but there has been a very important element that has been overlooked in the quest for new is best. That element gave very minimal regard to Yesterday.

As the young boy grew into adulthood so did the old faithful Holdens grow into obsoletion and obscurity. No longer being responsible for the travelling requirements of Australians the older Holden models were relegated to the wrecking yards and tips of Australia. The dream began in earnest in 1975 to buy and preserve examples of Holdens to keep and display for prosperity.


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